“It Came to Ketucky” has me returning to one of my favorite subjects: cryptids. This comic was made as an assignment at SCAD in Winter of 2019. “It Came to Kentucky” is a retelling of the notorious “Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter,” from the point of view of the Goblins themselves. The story begins when the Goblins, after crash-landing on a mysterious new planet, see aliens for the first time, and out of curiosity want to take a closer look. However, a turn of events causes the Goblins to change their minds and leave the hideous aliens alone in peace.

This story could be considered a tie-in to my mothership project, “Ghost Hunter Yuki,” in which a Hopkinsville Goblin, Jax, is a central character. In fact, this comic could be considered Jax’s origin story, as Jax’s father, Tag, is the main protagonist, and the story is narrated from his perspective. The five main characters of “Ghost Hunter Yuki,” including Jax, make a cameo appearance in the last page of the comic.