"Swimming Lesson" is my first independent attempt at storyboarding. It is a scene from an episode my original cartoon Ghost Hunter Yuki, called "Catch of the Day." It features three of the major characters at the local pool. The storyboard template I used here is a variation of the template I saw used in the production of The Simpsons during my internship at Film Roman.

For this storyboard, I focused mostly on character interactions. The scene depicts Jax, the curious and socially-inept alien, learning about the wonders of water and "swim-splash-stuff" from Sniff, the psychic Tapir. Ken, the human in this storyboard is forced to babysit them and is not happy. There is definitely a "Spongebob and Patrick vs. Squidward" vibe going on here.

I will eventually extend this storyboard to include more scenes from "Catch of the Day," which involves the Kraken and some mermen in a bathroom.