Hannah Rose
Storyboards, Comics, Illustration and Concept Art

Prey (Warning: Violence/Gore)

 “Prey” is a short comic I drew for my graduate program in sequential art at Savannah College of Art and design. At the time, I was instructed to sketch, design and draw five pages, and use traditional means of comic drafting, such as penciling and inking. Although I have expanded this comic and it is primarily digital, I have included my process work, character designs, environment sketches, thumbnails, tight roughs, pencils and inks to demonstrate the amount of work I put into this project, and the multiple stages it had to evolve from in order for it to be completed.

“Prey” is a short horror about bullying, and first impressions. It centers around a rather meek and innocent-looking middle-schooler being tormented by another student, an aggressor who is much larger, stronger, and frankly, more animalistic. This bully in question is actually a werewolf, and when our young hero makes his escape into the woods—during a full moon, of course—our bully transforms, stalks him in the creepy forest, and prepares to go in for the kill…

The question is, who is the predator and who is the prey?

I must warn sensitive audiences that this horror comic is actually quite violent, there is some gore and disturbing imagery.