Ghost Hunter Yuki is my pitch for an original cartoon I first developed in early 2017. I presented this pitch to four executives during the 41st Ottawa International Animation Festival. It is an action/comedy show with elements of fantasy, drama, and even some horror thrown in. I imagine the target audience being aged 9 to 12, however I can see teens, adults and seniors enjoying the story as well. Genre-wise, it is similar to shows such as Avatar the Last Airbender, Welcome to the Wayne and Gravity Falls, as well as the "magical girl" genre in Japanese media.

The protagonist is based on my godmother, Kiyo Hitch, who is Japanese-American and a well-respected art collector, who is directly responsible for fostering my interest in world mythology. This series is my gift to her.

This pitch bible is a work in progress and will be updated regularly to feature episodes, a rogues gallery, updated designs, etc.