“It Came to Kentucky” is my fourth project for Savannah College of Art and Design, and once again, I have turned to one of my favorite subjects: cryptids. Specifically the Hopkinsville Goblins.

The story of the comic is basically a re-telling of the notorious “Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter,” told from the point of view of the Goblins when they crash land on Earth. Disoriented and confused, these creatures see aliens for the first time, and are curious to get a closer look. However, a turn of events convinces the Goblins to leave the repulsive aliens alone and in peace.

This comic does tie in to my mothership project, “Ghost Hunter Yuki,” where a Hopkinsville Goblin, Jax, plays a pivotal role. This comic, which features Jax’s father, Tag, as a protagonist, could be considered his origin story. In fact, five main characters of Ghost Hunter Yuki make a cameo appearance in the final bonus page of the comic.