The Guardian Devil is my take on the “magical girlfriend” genre. Or, in this case, “magical boyfriend.” My third comic for Savannah College of Art and Design, it is about a young devil from Heck (yes, “Heck”) who is sent to Earth to corrupt a young soul. Heck is an industrial place run by cheap outsourced labor—in the form of condemned human souls—and they are running short of reserves. The young devil, “Diggity,” is sent to corrupt a girl named Faith (aka Fay), but finds he has a lot more in common with her than he realizes, and begins to defy his destiny as a corrupter of souls, beginning an unlikely friendship.

This comic will eventually become a recurring series, as Diggity uses his devilish powers on Fay’s behalf.

This page contains all the materials I created in the process of making this comic, including character designs (rough, failed, corrected and final), thumbnails, tight roughs, color and black and white versions.