Hannah Rose
Storyboards, Comics, Illustration and Concept Art

The Guardian Devil

 My third project for Savannah College of Art and Design, “The Guardian Devil” is my take on the “Magical Girlfriend” genre, or in this case, “Magical Boyfriend.”

The anti-hero of the story, Diggity, is a young devil sent by his father to corrupt a human soul on Earth, in this case a young girl named Fay. However, upon arriving on Earth, Diggity finds he has a lot more in common with his would-be victim than he thought—and despite risking everything, even his own existence, he decides to defy his destiny as a corrupter of souls and help Fay, beginning an unlikely friendship.

This page will contain all the materials I created in the making of this comic, including character designs, concept art, thumbnails, tight roughs, black and white and full color pages.

“The Guardian Devil” will eventually be developed into an ongoing series, with Diggity using his devilish powers to aid his new friend.