Part of my pitch for my original cartoon, “Ghost Hunter Yuki,” this scene covers our hero’s very first try at heroism and her first fight scene. The enemy in question is the neighbor’s Shih-Tzu, FiFi, who, after the initial shattering the the magical artifact, the Rift, gets a piece stuck in his back and mutates into a ferocious, fire-breathing three-headed cerberus, dubbed “FiFiFi” (one “Fi” for each head). Fififi earlier grabbed Yuki’s father Ken—the designated dude in distress for most of the series—carries him in his prehensile tail, and goes downtown to wreak havoc with his fiery dog breath.

This spurs Yuki to use her new superpowers (cryokinesis, flight, intangibility, invisibility, enhanced strength and agility) to put an end to the neighbor’s dog’s wrath and save the city and her dad, not in that order. Like all first battles, Yuki, calling herself the “Ghost Hunter,” has a bit of a rough start, narrowly evading attacks and getting the brunt of a few heavy hits. However, she learns to use her newfound abilities correctly to save the day and return the neighbor’s dog back to normal (well, mostly normal).