Hannah Rose
Storyboards, Comics, Illustration and Concept Art

Fairy Quite Contrary

The second episode of Ghost Hunter Yuki is entitled "Fairy Quite Contrary." When six adorable little fairies suddenly appear in the Hisakawa home, Yuki and her family decide to let them stay--after all, fairies are the epitome of all that is pure and wholesome with nature, right?

Well, let's just say the Hisakawas quickly learn that the Fair Folk don't like to play fair. They don't care who they hurt as long as they're having fun--and in this case that means tying Ken up with fairy lights, taking over the entire house/store and locking Gramps and Yuki in the basement.

Undaunted, our hero Yuki is determined to give these pixies a good pounding as the Ghost Hunter, but her powers don't seem to affect them all that much. But Gramps quickly discovers the fairies have two weaknesses--cold iron and incense--and he might just have these items in stock.

This storyboard is a work and progress and I will be adding new panels and dialogue.