“Crypto-Currency” was my first major project assigned during my first term of my graduate program at SCAD, in Fall of 2018. I was instructed to design three characters—and I chose three North American cryptids: the Hopkinsville Goblin, the Flatwoods Monster, and Mothman. And then I was instructed to show them performing a robbery.

I decided to make it something of a parody of a midcentury gangster story. The cryptids have their hideout (a rundown barn in somewhere on the Appalachian Trail, possibly rural Kentucky), they have this apparently elaborate genius plan to raid Fort Knox. Unlike humans, though, their quest for gold isn’t exactly based on greed. They’re just really, really hungry. Gold has no monetary meaning to them… and maybe someday it won’t for us humans, either, but that’s a tale for another day.

This comic is only four pages long, but it took quite a bit of effort to get there! I have included here the process work—character designs, thumbnails, sketches, and such—along with the finished product.