This is a continuation of the scene "Sink or Swim" from the Episode "Catch of the Day" from Ghost Hunter Yuki. Ken has (finally) managed to catch Jax and take revenge on him for pulling him into the pool, until Sniff apparently breaks wind underwater. Or does he?

Nope, it wasn't Sniff--it's the just the arrival of the fearsome Kraken, who has apparently been living underwater in the pool this entire time. And she has decided that Ken would make a perfect new doll for her to play with. Sniff attempts to use his psychic powers to free Ken, but this just makes the Kraken flee the scene, with Ken in tow, knocking Sniff and Jax from the pool. Needless to say, these three guys are completely useless when Yuki, the hero, isn't around.

This storyboard is a work in progress, and will be updated throughout the year.