My college senior project in animation class is a trailer for my science fiction/fantasy novel (in progress), "Unchartable," showcasing my first successful venture into Photoshop and After Effects animation.

The story follows a young man, Conor, who through bizarre events ends up in an area of the world left untouched and forbidden due to superstition, known as the "unchartable" land. There, he must find a way back home all while surviving the wilds...until he is discovered by a man who may or may not be a spirit.

Music was all composed and performed by me, via Pro Tools.

Magnificent Creatures

My first successful attempt at animation, using the charcoal technique. Here, I drew and erased moving characters on hand-drawn, then printed, backgrounds, all done using pencil and paper, then edited through Adobe After Effects. This was done in my junior year at college in 2014.

This is a trailer for my sci-fi thriller, "Magnificent Creatures," where a young woman, Lux, must rescue herself, her family, and fellow test subjects from a mysterious dilapidated laboratory, with the help of a "living metal" creature...all while being watched by a myriad of mysterious figures.

The music was done by <a href="youtube.com/channel/UCKKVT_vF_ef6l0se2GdKJ7g">Natureworld1986.</a>


When Octopi Attack

My first attempt at animation ever, done during an internship at Buzzco Associates, Inc. in early 2015.

I took the advice of my employer, Candy Kugel, and focused on a tight narrative based around cloning.
It was animated frame by frame in Toon Boom.
Starring my original character, Polly-Gon the genetically modified and possibly brilliant octopus.